How Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Boosts Leads

You have a beautifully designed website, it’s Search Engine Optimized, with the right calls to action, but still you aren’t getting the leads you are looking for. Most businesses don’t realize that SEO takes time to generate results. Organic ranking usually takes around three to six months before you start seeing your website ranking.

Search Engines, like Google and Bing, have Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) broken into two sections: organic search results and paid search results. The organic search results are located in the center of the SERP, with the paid search results at the top, and the bottom of the page.

Search Engine Optimization focuses on helping your website rank in the organic search results section of the SERP. Again, this is highly competitive, and takes time and patience before you will begin to see your website climb on the organic results.

If you are looking to generate immediate traffic and leads to your website, you should consider a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Marketing is a Zigma digital marketing term used to describe the online marketing strategies used to help boost traffic to a website. Search Engine Marketing is also known as PPC, or Pay Per Click.

The most popular form of Search Engine Marketing is Google AdWords. This is a digital marketing strategy where businesses can pay to have their website listing show up higher on a search engine results page (SERP). This is also a tool that is offered by Bing — called Bing Ads.

Search Engine Marketing is highly targeted, allowing you to choose the language, locations, time, devices and keywords that you want to target with your ads. This makes reaching your desired audience more attainable.

A properly optimized SEM campaign can result in a high ROI (Return on Investment) for businesses, and the investment gains compare favorability to the investment cost because you are only paying for clicks on your ads.

With an SEM campaign you choose who you want to see your ads, when you want your ads to run, and you only pay when a targeted consumer clicks on your ad to your website. No money is wasted, and the leads your SEM campaign generates are highly targeted and relevant to your products and services.

With that being said, your PPC campaign should be managed carefully to avoid targeting the wrong audience or wasting your marketing dollars on non-profitable keywords. The PPC specialists at Zigma are Google and Bing Certified to ensure your campaigns are always up to best standards, and effectively spending your marketing dollars on boosting leads to your website.

Understanding You Business & Goals

In order to have a successful Search Engine Marketing campaign, there are certain crucial steps when setting up a paid search campaign. At Zigma, our first step is to understand your business and the goals you are aiming to achieve through launching a PPC campaign. Without knowing and understanding your business goals, we are unable to track and measure success, and SEM becomes a waste of money.

A few questions we ask are clients are:
• What goals are you aiming to achieve through a PPC campaign?
• What type of actions would you consider a goal (eg. Subscribing to your newsletter, filling out a contact us form).
• How much is each goal worth to your business?

Determining your goals will also help us decide what type of campaign is best for you. If you want to increase your brand recognition, then we would recommend a Display advertising campaign. If you are looking to sell products online, we might recommend a combination of Google Shop and remarketing.

By providing us with a clear vision of your goals, we can develop a campaign that benefits your business and dives measurable results.

If you’re interested in generating more leads to your website with a highly targeted and measurable marketing strategy, contact the PPC specialists at Zigma. We can create a campaign from scratch, or improve on your existing campaign. We are here to help!

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